Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017

29.03.2017 – 05.04.2017

29.03.2017 – 05.04.2017

Mein Erster Versuch die Pyreneen zu bewandern.
Wohl gemerkt ERSTER Versuch. Ahnung vom Wandern – ja. Ahnung vom Wandern inne Berge – nein.
Wie ihr am Datum ersehen könnt waren es grad mal 7 Tage inne Berge. Vieeeeeeeel zu schwerer Rucksack :(
naja. Hihihihihihihi. Kann ja ma passieren :)

Zudem war die Zeit aber alles andere als günstig, unabhängig vom Rucksack. Denn wie ich auch schon 2 Monate später merkte, waren die Eisfelder selbst anfang Juni noch immer gut präsent da oben.
Naja. Man lernt nie aus.

29.03.2017 – 05.04.2017

first try hiking through the pyrenees.
No knowledge about mountain backpacking. I mean nothing to do with running, speed hiking or challanging (ultra) marathon in the high mountain. All of this r just payed off events, managed and arranged by someone – no worry about anything cuz everything is made by others, u as participant just payed ur fee and start easiely.

What i mean is walking fram A to B alone. Nobody there. Nothing. Only u....for a long time.
Well, in the end only 7 days, but that is not the point. My intension was an, everything was prepared for it.

The time by itself and my Backpack management were the mainpoint why i broke up here.
Backpack was too heavy. Impossible walking up the mountain :)
An the Time – End Of March beginning of April.

As I also saw 2 month later overthere were much snowfields blocking the path and makes it very heavy and dangerous walking around, searching new „ways“, findnig the right course.
I was lucky while the snow was not hiding all the rock cairns completely. So i needed to keep my eyes open and (sometimes) after few minutes I saw them and know where to go. Sometimes not.
Its fun. Much fun.

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